American Football Vs Soccer: What You Need To Know

The debate between soccer has existed since Americans began to call it the football game. They came up with different names called football around the world. Here we will discuss the difference between soccer and football in this blog. For the sake of eliminating overall confusion, the term football here will be for American football that predominantly includes handling the ball. Soccer is the term where the ball touches the feet or Association football as it is called.

American Football

American football is a mixture of soccer and rugby. A teen at university thought that playing the ball with the feet was boring and it might be the best thing to pick the ball and run. The story might not be real, but Rugby Union football was born. The game includes 11 players on every team. The official time is fifteen minutes for four quarters. In three ways, one can score points- to start with, the touchdown that happens when the player finishes an offense by carrying the ball and running into the goalposts. One touchdown scores six points. The second way is the field goal, which rarely happens when the ball touches the feet. It is named a field goal when someone kicks the ball over the crossbar and through the posts. One can get three points easily. The third way is named as safety to score points. The defense scores the safety points during the offense of an opponent. If your opponent drops the ball or successfully tackles in their end zone, you can score two points. In this way, American football is played.


Soccer is an older game than American football. There is no information on who discovered the soccer game. The formal strategies are followed today, but the current framework was found in the mid-1800. The football association was started in England, and the game’s popularity has spread since then. As the Football Association plans the game laws, Americans call soccer the name for Association football. The soccer game has been spread to different countries, and today every country plays the soccer game around the world. The soccer game has a fan base of more than 4 billion people across the globe. Soccer is among the number one sport across the globe. Soccer is played with the feet. The only goalkeeper can use his hands to hold or even touch the ball or within a specific part of the pitch called the D near the target. Both teams aim to attack the opponent’s goal and defend their goal. The soccer is played for two halves, 45 each, and there is extra time added at the end of each half for stoppages. At the end of the soccer game, the team that makes maximum goals wins the game. Each goal is considered one and has to be kicked into the net.

Wrapping up

American football is an intense game compared to a soccer game. There is a little difference between American football and soccer games that you should know before playing the game.

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