Trucking Insurance – Why Do You Need It?

Owning and operating a commercial truck requires a great deal of maintenance and insurance coverage to ensure the owners enjoy a risk-free operation of their trucks. The liability of the owners can be greatly reduced by choosing the right insurance plan for their trucks. Insurance laws and DOT regulations can be adopted to ensure that the insurance plan is by the needs of the customer. The owners of huge trucks, or just trucks in large numbers, need assurance and some peace of mind in their business against unsolicited risks and damages.

The Need for Trucking Insurance

The need for trucking insurance is felt due to the following reasons: –

  • Trucking insurance coverage is taken by truck owners to ensure protection against damage, loss, and depreciation of their commercial vehicles.
  • Trucking insurance coverage includes liability protection and additional coverages to help protect against unexpected risks.
  • Trucking insurance coverage is the ultimate goal of a person owning a commercial enterprise facilitated by commercial vehicles.
  • Trucking insurance provides liability insurance against any damage caused by commercial trucks either in an accident, damage or loading, or even environmental damage.

Such facilities of Texas trucking insurance coverage are offered by many reputed insurance companies along with the customer support that a client may need to navigate through the conditions of the insurance.

Insurance offered by the company covers several vehicles including box trucks, dump trucks, trailers, 18-wheelers, tow trucks, garbage trucks, and auto trailers.

Benefits of Trucking Insurance Coverage

The following benefits are typically offered in commercial trucking insurance coverage: –

  • Coverage Limits

The amount of liability covered by an insurance plan varies depending on several factors, such as the number of commercial vehicles and their type. The minimum coverage might be in a few hundred dollars which provides an insurance coverage of a million dollars.

  • Physical Damage

Trucking insurance cover also provides for physical damage to a commercial truck, in case of an accident where the truck needs physical repairing.

  • Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance is essential coverage for commercial trucks considering that most of the cargo they are carrying is not theirs, and they are needed to compensate the customers in case the cargo is stolen or damaged. Cargo insurance helps in those situations and reduces the liability of truck owners.

  • Non-Trucking Liability

Another unique coverage offered is the non-trucking facility where when the truck is used for non-business or non-commercial purposes, damages suffered by it are still covered under the liability clause,

  • Medical Payment Insurance

Where the commercial truck is involved in an accident, it covers the medical expenses of the victims and provides for funeral expenses where death is involved.

  • Owner-Operator Truck Insurance

Where the commercial truck is in an arrangement with a carrier for protection of its liabilities, the insurance coverage mostly protects the carrier. What one needs is insurance coverage specifically designed for the commercial truck.

The said facilities are most adequately supplied by one of the trusted Texas trucking insurance companies through its viable customer service and efficient manner of implementation of its services.

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