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Body types always interest individuals who are into the entire conundrum of personal grooming and care, but even if you are not the self-obsessed kind, finding out about your body type can be an interesting and healthy venture. There are various classifications in the fitness world, trying to categorize the human body into a set of different types. The general types are known to everyone; pear-shaped, hourglass, inverted rectangular, and circular however, there are more metrics of classification than the simplest distinction. There is a Kibbe body test, gaining quick popularity amongst enthusiasts for its relevance and accurate results, developed by David Kibbe who is an image consultant.

How Does The Test Work?

The test, in its most basic aspects, tries to figure out the body type of an individual by focusing on the amalgamation of yin and yang elements in their body features. Yin, which relates to more feminine features, and yang which amounts to the dominance of masculine personality in the features of a person. A combination of both of these aspects forms a personality of an individual that is based not just on the shape of the body but also takes into consideration the shape of bones, cheek structure, facial features, the size and volume of lips, contamination of flesh on the face and how it impacts the overall composition of the look and stature of the body in general. The Kibbe body test thus provides accurate and fulfilling results to people because of the wider scope of factors that it considers while examining the human body. Its reliability of it can be attested by users and takers of the quiz.

The Kibbe Body Classification

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The kibbe body test provides a range of categories for different body types and the labels are new and unique for people to explore. The different classifications are: –


People with romantic body types have dominating feminine features with soft facial features, smooth bones with a little sharpness, and less width as compared to that of a man.


The dramatic body type usually dominates more masculine features that come with narrow, angular, and intimidating features of a man.


Being a classic gives a person a balanced set of features of both masculine and feminine sides of a personality. It is considered the more symmetrical and organized out of all body types.


The naturals are individuals with strong yang features that mean of masculine persona. There are sub-classifications to it such as the soft natural, which is a yang personality with softer flesh and facial expressions.


The gamines are again a mix of masculine and feminine personality traits but instead of a direct and balanced blend, there is a mixture to it that distinguishes them from the classics and gives them a dynamic of their own.

Each class has its sub-classifications where the prominence of yin or yang features might be seen and they are accordingly classified.

The kibbe body test, thus, provides a convenient, exclusively cheap, and reliable means for an individual to find out their correct body and to find an accommodating body type related to the same.

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